How I survived a messy divorce

Divorces are not the easy to deal with at the best of times, but mine ended up in a real mess. My wife and I had done well for ourselves, and ended up owning property abroad and all sorts of things.

It took ages for the lawyers to sort it all out and I was at my wits end when I met Roxy from London escorts. I would never have dreamed of dating London escorts but there was something different about Roxy. Yes, she was sexy but there was something else as well.

I met Roxy at business function. It was my mate’s business function and I knew that he had the habit of inviting London escorts. Normally I sat in the corner and nursed a drink as I was not into dating London escorts. The entire thing worried me a little bit and I was concerned that I would kind of get a bad name if I was tempted to hook up with a girl from London escorts services. When I met Roxy, I realised that I should not have worried.

When we first met, I was back hanging in the bar again. She seemed to come out of the blue complaining that one of the heels on her stilettos had snapped. I offered to take a look and I soon realised that nothing could be done. Looking at her I suspected that she may be working for some London escorts service, but she was very different. At the time, she was holding a bunch of ten balloons. That it not something that you would normally associate with London escorts.

Looking at her blonde hair and blue eyes, I realised that she was actually naturally stunning. She had a nice smile and looked a bit lost standing there without her shoes on holding her balloons. I asked her what she intended to do with her balloons. She told me that she loved balloons and always took them home when she attended business functions. It was not the sort of reply that I had expected from a girl from a great London escort. We spent the rest of the night talking and I eventually drove Foxy and her balloons home.

A couple of weeks later my divorce went through and I wanted to celebrate. I called Foxy on a private number that she had given me. She was all up for going for a meal but she needed to get back home from her balloon design course. I laughed as I hang up the phone. When we met she told me that she had left London escorts and was about to start a party company supplying balloons. We had a great date, and you may not believe this, but she broke her high heeled shoe again. Today, things have changed. Foxy wears flats so she does not break her heels, and runs a balloon company.

It is going really well, and sometimes I can even be spotted driving a van with Foxy’s balloons on it.

The perfect way to survive a divorce is to meet the right crazy girl.…

An Escort Helped Me Learn How To Be A Man

I was about to get married in just a few days to my beautiful fiancé. While I was happy about getting married, there was something I was very worried about. I had never had sex before! This might shock many people that a 28-year-old man has never did it before, but it was the truth. I really wanted to impress my new wife on our wedding night but with no experience I felt helpless.

My friend Mark suggested that I do something to get the experience I needed. I really didn’t know what he meant so he spelled it out for me. Mark told me that I should contact and hire someone for my first time. It took me awhile to think about it but I agreed with Mark that it was a good idea. As adults, me and Mark felt that this had to be done.

Mark found this very interesting website which had super-hot ladies. I picked one of the ladies on the site and I contacted the agency. Then I choose a very nice restaurant to begin the evening. On the day of the date, I meet the beautiful escort whose name was Pamala and we had a lovely dinner. Then I took her to my hotel room. I was very nervous but I knew I had to do it.

Once in the room Pamala took total control of things. She slowly undressed in front of me exposing her beautiful naked body. Her ample breasts were natural and very soft. She laid next to me on the bed and helped me get out of my suit. Then I laid on my back and she got on top of me sliding my penis deep inside of her. She road me hard and after about 15 mins of riding she go off, and we started doing it doggy style. That night she taught many different positions and what I learned will surely impress my wife.

My wedding night is in just one day and I can’t wait to perform what I have learned with my new wife. Surely, she will be very impressed and I can finally feel confident making love to her. While the method I chose to learn was a bit unorthodox it was going to get the job done all the same. I am very happy I hire Pamala and she taught me how to be a real man.…